Sunday, July 1, 2012

Huosiaisniemi, Juankoski conservation area virtual tour

On the border between Juankoski and Nilsiä, there is conservation area of Huosiaisniemi, where rare lady's-slipper orchid cypripedium calceolus grows.

Lehtotikankontti, Cypripedium calceolus

The yellow part of the flower reminds a slipper or shoe, hence the flower's name.

Kielonkukat Lehtotikankontti, Cypripedium calceolus

Below is a virtual tour made with SaladoPlayer. Navigating is done with the arrows which can be seen when pointing the camera straight down, green arrow takes you forward in the tour and red takes you back to previous panorama.

This post was originally posted on Pallopanoraamablogi on 2012-06-13 as "Kukkajahdissa Juankosken Huosiaisniemessä".

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