Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last year's best images

Retrospective into year 2012. Images are in chronological order, oldest first.

Little planet panorama of some artificial light pillars accompanied by rare upper tangent arcs.

Vuodenvaihteen keinovalopilaripikkuplaneettapanoraama

Then for some northern lights from last January. I like how the fine structure of these fairly faint aurorae is visible.

Revontulia illalla 22-01-2012


Highland cows from nearby organic farm.

Luomutilan ylämaankarjaa, lehmän turpa

Two borderline abstract photos from Maaninka.

Metsikön reuna taivasta vasten

Keltainen jäkälä pajun oksasta

Two images from my short reporter career. Magician with a dove:

Puijon Paroni

...and grannies signing.


I took about two bird photos last year, this was the better one. Flurry little creatures in a nice summer night light, what is there to not love?

Lokin poikaset

A summer thunder storm was dispersing in Kuopio's Oinosenmäki which houses a weather radar station. Kuopio's Puijon tower can be seen in the distance.

Sateen jälkeiset sumut Oinosenmäeltä nähtynä

Then for some more aurora borealis. This is unusually long exposure for a northern light photo as the stars have started to streak significantly.

Reposten ja pilvien tanssi taivaalla

This series of two images needs some expansion in the future.

Syksyn värejä Syksyn värejä

From Tiilikka national park.

Valopallo Tiilikan sillan edessä

Kuopio's Valkeinen, nice recreation area in the heart of the Kuopio city.

Kuopion Valkeisenlammen pohjoispää



And the last northern lights image, this time a panorama shot in Maaninka.

Revontulipanoraama yöltä 2012-11-13

Juxtaposing some artificial and natural lines, simple yet effective. Shot on film.

Kaksi puuta seinää vasten

And some more minimalist imagery.

Oksankikkare jäällä

Light, exposure, atmosphere. Everything just clicks.



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